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Jordan Carrier

Cuisine is music for the mouth. If beer is the rock show, then wine is Jazz. Sublime, textured, unpredictable, and readily improvised when thrown into a mix. Different vintages are like classic songs improved upon by the same artist. The food is the band, and the wine is the vocalist. Can you tell I’m into music?

I listen to wine. Sometimes a song, sometimes an album. Serving a table, the best satisfaction I get is blending what is already a complete dish with an adjective in a bottle that makes the meal sing. When I listen to cuisine, my favourite parts of the song are the harmonies.

At Pearl, we as servers have at our disposal the best wine list I have ever worked with (I also had a hand in creating it). With 465+ instruments, we can put on a show you won’t forget.

Wine Awards

Wine Philosophy

Before we drove cars, before we spoke English, before we used money as trade, we made and drank wine. The language of wine has survived long past the ancient languages that borne it, passed down vine to vine and bottle to bottle, so that we speak it as clearly now as we did centuries before. The love of wine is at once old and new: as old as the soil of Loire valley, and as fresh as the discovery of your new favourite bottle that you just haven't tried yet.

We have put countless hours into the wine program you are holding, and we understand that the choosing and pairing of wine is an extensively studied art, but ultimately a personal decision. Let us guide you through one of our favourite games.